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denture is a custom made prosthetic device that is used to replace missing or damaged teeth and can either be fixed or removable.

If you have lost all or most of an entire arch of teeth from gum disease, tooth decay or trauma to the mouth,  you will most likely have them replaced with a denture. Royal Dental Care provides dentures in ParramattaEastwoodNarellanBella Vista and Lindfield.

No one needs to go through life missing most or all of their teeth. If you have an entire row of teeth is missing, your face will eventually appear sunken in, adding years to your appearance. Replacing the missing teeth or arch of teeth will actually fill out the shape of your face, giving you a more balanced and normal appearance.

Having a denture placed with allow you to smile, eat, and speak again with greater confidence and comfort.

Dentures have long been the most highly recommended option for the replacement of a full top or bottom arch of teeth. Traditionally, they have been removable for daily cleaning and maintenance but the development of dental implants has provided the ability to permanently secure your dentures with many added benefits for oral health and quality of life.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are custom made artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth. Although dentures have long been a removable appliance, today’s patients can enjoy the benefits of fixed dentures including a secure smile, a varied diet, and normal speech. We will work with you to determine the best option for your overall health and cosmetic concerns.

Partial Denture

Similar to a dental bridge, a partial can be used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. They can be fixed or permanently secured with dental implants.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures are used to replace the entire upper or lower arch of teeth, or both arches. Although removable dentures have come a long way and offer beautiful results with quality materials, we will recommend choosing implants for the most stable, healthy result.

Implant Dentures

All-on-4 dental implants, sometimes called denture implants, permanently attach dentures to the jaw using strategically placed dental implants. Dental implant secured dentures provide the highest rate of patient satisfaction.

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