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Imagine straighter, whiter and brighter teeth, that are strong and durable while looking and feeling natural. Porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to restore or improve your smile.

Veneers are strong, durable porcelain shells that are custom made to fit snugly over your existing teeth. They are perfect for fixing a wide array of issues, from permanently stained teeth, cracked teeth and even gapped teeth.  They can be made in multiple shades and shapes to fit over any tooth. In addition, veneers are usually applied in one session under local anesthesia, making them a simple but effective way to treat many cosmetic dental issues.

At Royal Dental Care, we only use the best dental products and procedures. Emax Veneers (also known as lithium silicate) are extremely high-quality veneers. They’re ideal for making full crowns to restore teeth that are damaged or broken. They have excellent translucency for a natural look. Fitted by our certified accredited cosmetic dentist, you can be sure your veneers will be expertly applied with little to no discomfort.

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Porcelain Veneers

Only $9,999

For 10 Top Porcelain Veneers Valued at $14000

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Problems Porcelain Veneers Can Help With

Veneers can be used to effectively treat a variety of dental issues. 

Tooth discolouration, word down teeth, chipped teeth & misaligned teeth are just a few of the dental problems veneers are routinely used to fix. 

Unlike other options, veneers are long-lasting and require no usually require invasive surgeries.

Permanently Stained Teeth
Permanently Stained Teeth​
Damaged Teeth

Damaged Teeth

Uneven Tooth Shape

Uneven Tooth Shape​

Small Gaps Between Teeth

Small Gaps Between Teeth

Veneers can be used to effectively treat a variety of dental issues. 

Tooth discolouration, word down teeth, chipped teeth & misaligned teeth are just a few of the dental problems veneers are routinely used to fix. 

Unlike other options, veneers are long-lasting and require no usually require invasive surgeries.

Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Get a glowing smile that lasts! 

eMax veneers offered at Royal Dental Care have incredible longevity and produce a natural look.

Compared to other dental cosmetic solutions, veneers have many benefits including:

Natural Look

Natural Look

Teeth that are too bright can look artificial. eMax Veneers are slightly translucent, giving them a natural look whilst eliminating discolouration.
Treat Multiple Issues

Treat Multiple Issues

Veneers can cover stained teeth, fix gaps, hide imperfections and more. Unlike other procedures, veneers usually require no surgery and can be installed in one session.

Comfortable Veneers


eMax veneers are crafted from high strength porcelain and custom-made for the individual. This means they can be very thin, making them extremely comfortable to wear. 

Durable Veneers


Made from pressed ceramic, eMax veneers are extremely strong and durable, often lasting upwards of 20 years and requiring little ongoing maintenance.

Complete Smile Makeover Package

only $9,999

For 10 Top Porcelain Veneers Valued at $14000

✓ eMax porcelain veneers crafted from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic

✓ Fitted by a qualified certified dental practitioner

✓ Payment plans available

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The Process Of Porcelain Veneers

Getting a new radiant smile should be exciting and fun!

At Royal Dental Care, we veneer application simple and stress-free.

From placement to colouring, you will have input throughout the entire process.


Dental Evaluation

Upon your first visit, we will evaluate your tooth structure and take photos and x-ray imaging of your mouth. We will then determine if you are a suitable candidate for porcelain veneers.


Designing Your Veneers

Once your teeth have been examined, your dentist will make recommendations about placement & colour. You will work with our experienced dental team to design the look of your new smile.

Trial a Smile

You will have the option to preview your new veneers before they are applied. A model jaw is used, giving patients the chance to see what they can expect after application.


Once you are happy with the look of your new smile, our team will cast your custom veneers and prepare them to be applied.



The fitting process is simple. Our experienced dental practioner will bond the eMax Veneers to the front surface of the teeth using dental resin cement. This application is usually done in one session under local anesthesia.

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

How long do porcelain veneers last for?

At Royal Dental Care we only use high-quality eMax porcelain veneers. eMax veneers are made from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, making them extremely durable. These types of veneers usually last upwards of 10-20 years, and in some cases can last even longer.

Will my veneers look like real teeth?

Yes! eMax veneers are slightly translucent, meaning they will not be overly bright or artificial-looking. Veneers offer whiter teeth, whilst retaining a natural look. They are also custom made for each individual which allows them to sit flush against the gum with no gaps.

Do you have to shave or file down my teeth?

In order for the veneers to bond effectively with the tooth, we will need to file away a small amount of enamel. In most cases, the amount is minimal as it’s important to retain the tooth’s original strength. The goal is to be as conservative as possible, whilst ensuring the veneer can create a strong bond with the tooth.

What is the difference between porcelain and composite veneers?

Composite veneers are engineered resin affixed to the outer surface of your teeth. Whilst composite veneers can be applied faster, they don’t last as long and do not have the same translucent properties as porcelain veneers, meaning they won’t look as realistic.

Are veneers covered by health insurance?

No. Unfortunately, public health insurance will only cover check-ups, cleanings, and fillings but not any cosmetic dental treatments.

Did you know, you can now pay for your dental treatment using your superannuation under the ATO’s Compassionate Release of Superannuation program? Click here to find out how.

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How We Are Responding To COVID-19

At Royal Dental Care, we are committed to providing safe and exceptional care to all our patients. In addition to the new health and safety measures introduced by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, our practice has introduced further precautions to keep our patients and staff protected, and, to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • To maintain social-distancing requirements (1.5m between people), we have reduced the number of patients allowed in the practice.
  • Our staff will employ additional personal protection equipment including masks, clinical clothing, gloves and protective clothing
  • Before arriving for your appointment, our staff will conduct a symptom-screening over the phone.
  • Upon arrival, your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer
  • We will ask that you use the hand sanitiser provided in the practice before, during and after your appointment
Responding to COVID

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Complete Service For All Your Dental Needs

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Professionally Accredited Staff

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