How Can I Keep My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

Check out some tips on how to keep your child's teeth healthy.
Healthy Child's Teeth

• Avoid putting anything in a baby bottle except water, breast milk, milk or baby formula
• At sleep times, bottles left with a baby or toddler should only contain water
• Reduce the number times sugary foods and drinks are consumed each day
• Be aware of hidden sugars in foods and drinks such as dried fruits, breakfast cereals, muesli bars, flavored yoghurts, flavored milks and fruit juices
• Make tap water the normal drink
• Start twice daily toothbrushing as soon as the first tooth comes through
• Use a small pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste from 18 months of age 2
• Supervise your child’s toothbrushing until the age of 7

How can I find out if my child is eligible for the CDBS?

If you are a family who holds a Health Care Card, receives a Centrelink payment or Family Tax Benefit A, your child may be eligible for the CDBS. If you are unsure, simply ask at the reception of your dental clinic, call Medicare on 132 011 or visit

How can I monitor the health of my child’s teeth at home?

‘Lift the Lip’ is a simple way to check your child’s teeth at home. Lift the top and bottom lip and look for white patches on the teeth, which are the early warning signs for decay. Grey, brown or black spots indicate more serious decay. Book an appointment with us if you see any signs of tooth decay.

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